PTFE is known to be the best dielectric for RF (Radio frequency) coaxial cables. The essential function of coaxial cables is to transmit high frequency energy and signals with low loss, with reflection less matching and without Phase and Amplitude distortion. We offer these cables as per USA MIL-C-17 or Indian JSS 51100 ranging from subminiature 1.0 mm OD and standard miniature to high power sizes. There is also a choice of flexible or semi-rigid constructions, Characteristic Impedance (Zo) of 50, 75 or 95 ohms (or as specified), solid or semi-air-spaced PTFE, and Low-noise (anti-microphonic) cables.

The essential function of coaxial cables is to transmit high frequency energy and signals with low loss, with reflectionless matching and without Phase and Amplitude distortion. For such transmission, Characteristic Impedance and Attenuation are important concepts. Characteristic Impedance (Zo) is determined by the ratio of dielectric OD to conductor diameter, hence a large cable and a very small cable can have the same Zo but the smaller cable will have higher losses.

The problem in high-energy transmission is the losses because of i) cable dielectric, ii) cable construction, iii) radiation, and iv) interference with adjoining circuits. The coaxial cable construction has been invented to overcome these problems, in which signals and energy are contained within an enclosed space. It consists of a core conductor, surrounded by pure PTFE dielectric covered with a metal shield, and finally encased in an overall jacket. The shield provides the return path as well as the confinement for RF energy, and is generally grounded.


Use with wave-guides.

Micro-wave transmission & delay lines.

High speed calculating machine.

Low noise amplifier circuit.

Perfectly screened connections.

Improvement of technology of internal module connections.

High stress resistance (Vibrations).

Good Phase stability.

Aerospace applications.


Nomenclature & equivalentO.D. mmJacket typeShields Outer/ InnerDielectric O.D.(mm)/ TypeConductor No Strands/ strands dia mmCapacitance pF/mZo in ohmsContinous Working Voltage RMSMax Oper freq GHzMax at 25 deg C dB per 100 m /WatsCWWeight Kg per 100 mDC Resist. ohm/100m
400 MHz3 MHz10 MHz
RG 196 A/U (Actual)1.82PTFE-/S0.86/T7/0.10 SCW10050750395~~0.8576
RG 196 A/U (MIL-SPEC)2.03PTFE-/S0.86/T7/0.10 SCW105507503108/115 308/35~~~
RG 178 B/U1.82FEP-/S0.86/T7/0.10 SCW1055010003108/115308/35~0.8980.2
RG 188 A/U (Actual)2.54PTFE-/S1.52/T7/0.17 SCW9850900354~~1.6025
RG 188 A/U (MIL-SPEC)2.79PTFE-/S1.52/T7/0.17 SCW10550900369/210190/75~1.60~
RG 316/U2.45FEP-/S1.52/T7/0.17 SCW105501200369/210190/75~1.8227.6
RG 141 A/U (Actual)4.57VFG-/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW95501400327.6~~4.655.8
RG 141 A/U (MIL-SPEC)4.83VFG-/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW96501400328.2/100089/350~~~
RG 303/U4.32FEP-/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW105501900~28.2/100092/350~4.625.9
RG 142 A/U (Actual)5.00VFGS/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW9550140012427.6~~6.305.8
RG 142 A/U (MIL-SPEC)5.23VFGS/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW9650140012431.2/1000105/300217/140~~
RG 142 B/U4.95FEPS/S2.95/T1/0.94 SCW96501900~38.4115~6.405.9
RG 143 A/U (MIL-SPEC)8.25VFGS/S4.70/T1/1.50 SCW9650220012421/145072/420144/19014.00~
RG 115 A/U (MIL-SPEC)10.50VFG-3S/S6.48/T7/0.71 S9650370012418/280051/88098/45027.500.66
RG 225/U (Actual)10.70VFG-2S/S7.24/T7/0.79 S96503700~14.5~~25.000.54
RG 225/U (MIL-SPEC)10.90VFG-2S/S7.24/T7/0.79 S96503700~16.4~~29.050.57
RG 187 A/U (Actual)2.64PTFE-/S1.52/T7/0.10 SCW6775900353~~1.6076
RG 187 A/U (MIL-SPEC)2.79PTFE-/S1.60/T7/0.10 SCW6775900369/420187/140~~~
RG 179 B/U2.54FEP-/S1.60/T7/0.10 SCW64751200369/420187/140~1.4980.2
RG 140/U (MIL-SPEC)5.91VFG-/S3.71/T1/0.64 SCW64751700326/160085/350~~~
RG 302/U (MIL-SPEC)5.13FEP-/S3.71/T1/0.64 SCW64751700326/160085/350~5.9613.6
RG 195 A/U (Actual)3.68PTFE-/S2.59/T7/0.10 SCW51951100346~~2.8076
RG 195 A/U (MIL-SPEC)3.93PTFE-/S2.59/T7/0.10 SCW51951100356/350151/130~~~
RG 180 B/U3.68FEP-/S2.59/T7/0.10 SCW51951500~56/350151/130~2.9580.2

Abbreviations-  BC: Bare Copper, FEP: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, PTFE: Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, S: Silver Plated Copper, SCW: Silvered Copper Weld (also known as SCCS: Silvered Copper Coaled Steel),T: Solid PTFE, TA: Airspaced PTFE, TSC: PTFE Semi Conductive coaled, VFG-2 Varnish fiber Glass Double braid.

Note- The cable types with FEP jacket are given for equivalence purpose only and are not offered by us. Actuals are listed to indicate superior performance in some respects.