We at RC Industries are engaged in the fast and efficient production of a wide range of PTFE Insulated products like PTFE Insulated Wires, PTFE Insulated Multicore Cables, PTFE Sleeves, PTFE Insulated Heating Cables, PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistant Cables. These products carry themselves features like heat resistance, inert to chemicals, anti-corrosive & abrasion, immune to aging, water & lubricants, stable at high voltage and frequencies, and others. Our offerings are created keeping in mind the prevailing requirements of our customers so that they can serve them in the best possible manner. Our infrastructure is highly equipped and enables us to carry out our operations in a smooth manner. Our zealous team is highly dedicated towards taking our organization to new heights by applying its expertise in the best possible manner.


Our vision is to achieve global leadership in providing high quality wires and cables to our clients and a committed lifetime client relationship. We are committed to our values, enthusiasm, honesty, operational integrity, innovation, accountability and above all customer satisfaction.

Our Strengths

100% Testing supplies.

Quick and cost effective delivery of small orders.

Plant equipped with all modern machine and equipment.

Quick delivery of orders supported by large manufacturing capacity.

Custom designing of high-temperature cables sustainable even up to 1500°C.

Seasoned professional experts for designing complex and critical customer need.

At RC Industries, we’ve taken every opportunity to optimize our processes to ensure you get both the most reliable products and the best service available.